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Click-Storm, the eSports platform, is now live!


Click-Storm is proud to announce that stealth mode of is now switched off. is an open tournament platform for competitive gaming. Our mission is to make people smarter and better through eSports. 

We are based in Singapore and a developing a state-of-the art social hub for those who live for competition and play such games as DOTA 2, Counter-Strike, Hearthstone, World of Tanks, League of Legends and, of course, Quakelive.


Unique features of Click-Storm 

Easy-to-use tournament management:

• you can run your own tournament and manage it simultaneously with your friends

• different options: combined tournaments, mixed tournaments, team mode.


Paid tournaments:

• can process payments for tournament organizers.


Social hub:

• Team finder

• Blogs

• Chat rooms


API for developers:

• Add tournament, matchmaking and social features to your game. Save time and money on R&D.


Create a tournament with Click-Storm:

How find an opponent and how to play Click-Storm tournament:


About us is an open tournament platform for competitive gaming.

Click-Storm was founded by a group of enthusiasts from Singapore, USA and Russia in 2011. We have been competing since Warcraft 1 and still playing hard.

We can organize tournaments, set up long-term leagues, promote your PC/mobile game or add Click-Storm’s API features to your product.


We strongly believe that playing eSports and competitive games is exciting and requires a unique combination of passion and skill. eSports improves your reaction, perseverance, multi-tasking and accuracy; it also helps you make better decisions in real life.

For developers and publishers

We would like to get in touch with developers and publishers. Please contact us to find out more how Click-Storm API can help you to engage audience.

For brands

We can setup offline or online event according to your needs and resources. Please contact us to find out more how Click-Storm can help you to reach thousands of gamers.