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Last Opinions receive next invite to DAC 2018 Major

Artem Uarabei
11.01.2018 have received the fifth direct invite to the upcoming DAC 2018 Major.

There seems to be little rest scheduled for the CIS juggernauts as they continue to add Pro Circuit tournaments into their already heavy schedule. The team will kick off the new year in Malaysia with ESL One Genting Minor in less than 2 weeks and continue to compete in multiple events between then and DAC 2018.

As teams clamor for the coveted TI8 qualifying points, VP is already primed for an invite, sitting comfortably in the top 8 slots, tied for 2nd with Team Liquid with a total of 2700 points - over 1600 points ahead of the team next in line - Newbee.

Sixteen teams will be battling it out for the honor of the title and the largest cut of the reward at the Oriental Sports Center in Shanghai, China in the spring of 2018.

Invites have already been issued to defending Champions, Invictus Gaming, Vici Gaming, Newbee and Team Liquid.

There is expected to be only one more direct invite to be announced for a total of six lucky attendees. A total of 10 teams will claim a spot at the through the qualifiers for the six big regions: Europe, CIS, Southeast Asia, China, SA and NA. Details on the open and closed format and dates for the qualifiers will be forthcoming.

The DAC 2018 main event will unfold in Shanghai, China from March 30 to the 7th of April. Being a Major, and besides the $1,000,000 prize pool, DAC 2018 offers a total of 1500 TI8 qualifying points as well.

DAC 2018 participating teams:

Invictus Gaming (direct invite)
Team Liquid (direct invite)
Newbee (direct invite)
Vici Gaming (direct invite) (direct invite)
TBA (direct invite)
10 x qualified teams