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Blizzard expand list of eligible countries for BlizzCon 2015

Artem Uarabei

With the Hearthstone World Championship 2015 a lot of changes have been implemented and players can start to collect points from the 31st of January onward.

Here we go again. Blizzard just announced its model for this years Hearthstone World Championship. Players can earn  their individual points in Ranked Play on the Ladder, at Fireside Gatherings and at eligible tournaments. The goal for each player is it to gather enough points to be able to attend the Regional Qualifiers. In these tournament, the top 40 players of each region will face off in a double elimination cycle. This bracket is played as long as the required winners for the Regionals are determined.

United States & Canada: 6 players

Latin America: 2 players

Europe: 8 players

China: 8 players

Taiwan: 2 players

Korea: 2 players

Australia & New Zealand: 2 players

Southeast Asia: 1 player

Japan: 1 player

The biggest change however is the amount of countries that will be allowed to participate in the tournament. Last year’s regional exclusion left prominent players like DreamHack Summer champion Dima “Rdu” Radu out of the world championship campaign without giving them a chance to play for a spot in the top 16.

This year, Blizzard are expanding the nation pool eligible for BlizzCon. With countries such as Portugal, Greece, Iceland and Romania a lot more players get the chance to participate in this major event.

Another nice change is the addition of prize pools to the regional championships. While 2014 awarded the best of each region with just a ticket to BlizzCon, there’s now $25,000 to be split between the top eight in each region. The 16 best-of-the-best Hearthstone players who meet in the grand finals will compete over a total prize pool of 250,000.

Arguably the biggest change to the BlizzCon experience, overall, however, is the revamped deck format. If the 2014 competition employed the standard deck elimination system, this year’s World Championship will be using something called “Conquest”. As usual, players will have to prepare decks of different classes but instead of sticking to one class win after win, they’ll have to switch around more.

To win a Bo5 series, a player must now score a win with three different classes, applying each individual playstyle whenever needed. Improvisation and adaption will become much more relevant in this kind of format.