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Hearthstone: Priest Deck "Holy 4000"

Artem Uarabei

About - Greetings, MarineKingAizen here to share my Priest Mech deck which has been working very well this season.

I specialize in high level play on NA server with Priest class and have obtained +200 legend Rank legend several times with Priest. I have roughly 1300+ wins in constructed with Priest, so trust me when I say I am familiar with this class inside and out. This is my first time sharing a deck because this is the first time I've designed and actually reached legend with a deck that is not just the same old Priest builds that everyone is using.

Warning, this is a lengthy guide.

Explanation - This deck is designed to win by overpowering your opponent with high value minions that synergize together. We will be using minimal spells because they won't really be necessary, as our goal is to simply overpower the enemy with better trades over and over again. This deck avoids the typical Circle Heal/Blade Master/Auchenai core combos that most Priest decks are built upon.

Holy 4000 is not an aggro spammy deck, it is a mid-range deck that can curve into the middle-late game if needed without running out of steam. As such, you should try to end the game before it goes super late, but don't panic if your early minions get removed (this is expected).

Some card choices explained


Most cards should be fairly obvious, so I'm only going over a couple of cards choices that might seem strange.

We are going to be running 1x Silence for the sole purpose of making sure we have the stronger board in the early/mid game. Remember this is a dog fight for who's getting the better value off their trades. If you establish a stronger tempo to start with this particular deck, the game is going snowball more and more in your favor. You do not have to hold on to your silence for that BIG VALUE Tirion or Yesra. You may use it on a very small threat, just enough to ensure the tempo sways to your favor early.

The silence is basically to snuff enemy Undertakers and rattles effects since everyone is going to be running one of those 2 things (ie silence the Shredder / Skygolem / Highmayne / Slegde / etc, even a Harvest Golem or Creeper is fine). This card plays an important role because of it's 0mana cost, meaning we can develop the board and silence at the same time early.

It is for this reason that Owl is a rejected card because if you play that card during your first few turns, you are automatically losing tempo by spending 2mana on a 2/1 that doesn't synergize with any of our other cards.

Running 1x Shadow Word: Pain is fine, we don't need 2x because you will be removing with superior trades more so than spells. We will however be running 2x Shadow Word: Death because there's a lot of big minions in the meta right now (such as Dr Doom which has found it's way into almost every deck) and we don't want to trade 2-3 of our minions into that fat enemy Giant, Ancient of War or Dr Boom.

2X Shadowboxer is very important because we need low cost mechs to proc our Tinkertown Technician, but not squishy stuff like Clockwork Gnome because it's too easily removed by hero power and thus holds a low board value. Don't worry about trying to get value off the Shadowboxers ability, the fact that it's a 2/3 mech for 2mana is value enough.

2x Upgraded Repair Bot is a huge value as you are getting a total of 14 stats for 5mana. You will want to play this card at any time you have a mech on the board to get that 4+ hp. But, this card is also a solid value just as a 5/5, so if you don't have a mech and need a play then play the Repair Bot naked. This is better than waiting to draw into another mech that can proc the 4+hp, don't lost tempo being stubborn.

1xHoly Fire is our 1 versatile card that can do whatever we need. It can be that last 5dmg of burst needed to bypass a taunt wall. It can be an emergency removal against a 5hp target (of which there are a LOT of 5hp minions being run in the current meta). It can also be that heal needed to survive the aggro Hunter and kill something at the same time.

This card will almost certainly come in handy for any matchup, so long as you only run 1x of it. Running 2x would be a problem, if you were to get both in your hand at a time when you want to develop more board.

Foe Reaper 4000 is a huge card that serves several purposes. Basically it is the card that will destroy all other spam board decks, since every time it atks it's basically a full board clear. It's also the card that allows us to compete against a control enemy as we go into the mid/late game.

Traditional mech decks run out of power after the first few turns because they rely on a low curve spammy style of play. Our deck is doesn't have that weakness, we have larger mech minions that curve deeper and deeper into the long game. Most opponents will make the mistake of using their hard removals to keep up on tempo, assuming that this is a low curve aggro deck that doesn't have any big threats.

They will usually not be prepared for something this heavy to hit the board. Foe Reaper is a really REALLY hard threat to deal with if they don't happen to have a hard removal on hand. They almost can't play anything on the board because Foe Reaper will almost certainly win the trade. It's also just outside of BGH range, but hits the face too hard to ignore. 

Protip: make sure you hit the weakest minion on the board and let the splash damage the stronger minions. This way the Reaper takes less damage, while still giving out a lot.

Some people will ask for a Foe Reaper 4000 replacement, but unfortunately (like most legendary cards) this card is unique in what it does and the role it plays. There's really no solid replacement because there's no other card quite like it. Having said that, my best suggestion is a second Skygolem.

More information - link .