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Gaara's GvG Handlock Deck

Artem Uarabei

As we know, Zoolock and Handlock are the two mainstream decks of Warlock. Gaara already revealed his Zoolock deck right when Goblins vs. Gnomes was released. And now he's shared his take on Handlock in the Goblins vs Gnomes era. Check out the new deck in detail below!

The feature of Handlock is to use the Warlock’s Hero Power to load up your hand and then summon extremely strong minions early in the game, such as Mountain Giants and Twilight Drakes.

As expected, you'll see a lot of high-mana minions in the deck. But as Warlock’s Hero Power can really cause a lot of damage to you, Gaara added some healing cards in the deck like Earthen Ring Farseer and Antique Healbot.

This enables the deck to withstand the rushes of aggressive decks more comfortably. And the combination of Ancient Watcher and Sunfury Protector, or Ironbreak Owl can also help to protect Handlock in the early game.

Overall, Handlock’s disadvantage is that it's easy to be defeat in the early game, but as long as it gets through that difficult period, it will be very strong.

Compared to Zoolock, I prefer the Handlock deck because it is not as weak as Zoolock in the late game.