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Hearthstone: Legend Apprentice Mech Mage

Artem Uarabei

I feel like this deck is a "jack of all trades but master of none."  Which is why I think it was so consistent on the ladder all the way up.

It can handle any class out there.  You will notice that there are a couple cards which I chose to only have 1 copy of (other than legendaries), such as Flamecannon, and Arcane Intellect.  These cards all have their place but having 2 of them in your starting hand can a lot of times leads to a loss, while not drawing them isn't the end of the world which is why I chose to only include 1 of each.

I chose to include Sorcerer's Apprentice for the following reasons. Remember all the spare parts are spells, casting them for free is nice especially if you're able to play this card with Archmage Antonidas.  This card is also great for early tempo when you you need a 1 mana Flamecannon or Frostbolt.  This card also makes arcane intellect a lot more playable.  There are a lot of spells in this deck so with the addition of spare parts that makes this card worth it imo.

Having both Dr. Boom and Archmage gave me a much better win rate against control decks such and control warrior.  Without another big finisher like Dr. Boom, I found control matchups a lot tougher if I didn't curve out perfectly and finish them around turn 7.  Dr. Boom really helped vs Warrior and Priest.

Some Class Tips:

Hunter and Zoo: Hunter actually became one of my favourite matchups with this season.  With annoy-o-tron, mana wyrm, and all the early removal like flamecannon and frostbolt this matchup went very smoothly for me.  Also, a nicely timed blast mage put the icing on the cake.  The imp version of zoo I found a little tougher if you don't get a nice blast mage, if you're having trouble with that matchup up, might be worth throwing in a flamestrike, I found that to help, maybe in the place of the yeti.

Handlock: "Try to get a really aggressive start... (think Mech Warper)

The biggest mistake I see people make is playing around too much. You can often deal with one taunted Molten Giant, but you can't just not attack face to play around double Molten-Sunfury-Shadowflame or similar things. You have to race them and only trade if you get a really efficient one."-Xixo-

Priest: This deck runs a lot of 4 health minions to help with the priest matchup. Mech synergy really helps in this matchup.  playing a turn 2 mechwarper followed by turn 3 yeti, shredder, or tinkerer (goes to 4/4 with a mech on board) gives you a nice start. Flame cannon helps against injured blademasters and cultist's. Try to save your spare parts for Antonidas and it should give you the fuel to win. Watchup out when playing late game annoy-o-trons and mechwarpers cause they are perfect steal targets for the priest.