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Dota 2 Drow Ranger guide: an easy way to dominate


Drow Ranger - one of the most popular characters among the newcomers. Tricks fairly easy to learn and she can be a formidable weapon. 



The main characteristic is agility. Small indicators at the start of the game are compensated after the Ultimate is unlocked, which will also significantly increase the attack, attack speed and armor.

A good Drow Ranger is even better when accompanied by a ranged hero (Viper, Visage, Storm Spirit, Invoker, etc.).

Has an average running speed and attack early in the the game. Poor health and armor.

With further pumping and purchase of the necessary artifacts becomes very dangerous.


+ Good for harassing the opponent in the beginning of the game
+ Ultimate increases agility alot - 40 / 60 / 80 (agility increases damage, armor and attack speed)
+ Great silence with knockback (microstun) effect
+ Easy to learn
+ Aura improves ranged attacks of all allied heroes and creeps. Helps a lot when pushing


- Not alot of health at the beginning of the game
- Great reliance on artifacts
- Low initial rate of attack (attacking animation needs getting used to)
- Low mobility (the problem is solved by buying Shadow Blade or Blink Dagger)


Frost Arrow

Ability: Automatic, aimed at unit
Frost Arrows cannot get through the magic barrier
Deceleration: 15% / 30% / 45% / 60%
Duration on heroes: 1.5
Duration for creeps: 7
Mana cost: 12/12/12/12

Use this skill to harass enemy heroes on your line. Use this skill manually (by pressing skill key each time) and creeps won't hurt you! Slow opponents that run away!


Ability: Aimed at point
Does not get through immunity with a maggi level of 900
Width: 250
Duration: 3/4/5/6
Push duration: 0.6 / 0.7 / 0.8 / 0.9

Silence with a knockback effect. Useful in attack and also in evading the enemy. Will save your life more than once.

Precision Aura


Ability: Omnidirectional
Acts on allies
Cooldown: 120 seconds

Increases the damage output for Drow Ranger and allied ranged heroes. When activated gives a bonus for ranged Creeps. Usefull during push.


Ability: Passive
Add agility: 40 / 60 / 80

This ability gives the Drow Ranger a strong lethal potential. With the increase of dexterity, the damage, attack speed and armor also increase.

Skill build:

Skill build may differ. For example, if the lane you are given is free for farming then there is no need to upgrade Frost Arrow to 2, it is better to take the Aura. Silence can be taken at level 4. Act based on situation.

Ultimate strictly on 6, 11 and 16 levels.

Item build:


Because the Drow Ranger is very reliant on artifacts, you should be very carefull when the equiping them.

If your opponent creates hell on your lane and will not let you get to the creepers, and supports are not helping you, then use Morbid Mask for vampirism and go farming in the forest. Furthermore, best to then use either  Helm of Dominator, or  Mask of Madness.

If you feel like the game is going to be too easy, your teamates are winning their lanes and your opponents are being greedy, then its better to MoM + it goes well with  Shadow Blade. But do understand that it is a risky build. You take more damage.

Shadow Blade can be easily countered by sentry wards or dust, which are seen often even on low MMR.

COMBO: use Shadow Blade to become invisible. Get to your enemy, activate Silence and then MoM for rapid shooting.

Summon Dominator if you are sure that the game will be prolonged. Benefits of the Dominator: gives +20 damage and +5 armor. You can also capture a Creep with him. Not a bad method of capturing the Alpha Wolf, which gives +30% Aura to damage.



If your opponents team has a strong procast (stuns, disablers), go for  Black King Bar.

Crystalys will increase your attacks + crits. In the future use  Daedalus when finishing.

From  Yasha forge  Manta Style.

Blink Dagger - depending on the situation. Adds mobility, but does require skill. If, for example, the opponent team has, Axe, then you can leave beforehand, rather than he uses RGM.  Also, with the dagger in your hand it is very hard to run away from you.


Late game

It makes sense to forge  Butterfly, if they do not have  Monkey King Bar.

Always build  Monkey King Bar against Brewmaster, Phantom Assassin and other heroes with  Butterfly or  Heaven's Halberd.

From Dominator make  Satanic. With   BKB you become virtually invulnerable (if the opponent team dosn't have Doom).

Always rethink your decision of buying an artifact. In DOTA there are many nuances and you will have to make very carefull analysis of the situation. Wrongly bought items can result in big problems.



Early game:

  • Easy Lane. Best lane for Drow Ranger, if you are a beggining player, is the easy lane. Go to top or bottom (depending on side) together with the support.
  • Mid. You can also go on mid, however it will require experience.
  • Solo-hard. It is not recomended, because you will be left without farming.
  • Gangs: try to participate in gangs. But do not run ahead of the team. Drow can die quickly.

Strategy: On the easy lane try to harass the enemy by sending the Ice Arrows, so the Creeps do not get aggressive. Try not to push your lane and hold it at the center. This will increase your chances of a successful last hit.

If you do not get the farm on the line, you can go into the woods, as mentioned before.

In difficult situations, when you are attacked, use the second ability to repel the enemy and cast silence. This will increase your chance of survival.  

Late Game: in the late game, you should be feared by opponent supports and thin heroes, as they could be easily killed within a few hits. Either stick with the team or split-push.

The important thing is to always carry the Scroll of Teleportation! 

Team play: for fun try to play with friends using Drow Ranger, Luna and Vengeful Spirit. All three heroes have Aura. Good luck :) 


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