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Goblins vs. Gnomes picture challenge, semi-finalists

Crystal Maiden

Bacon Rodeo by DavidAdhinaryaLojaya

Battle Bot-T 6000 by AnnPars

Dinobot by LM-LucileMeunier

Electrostatic Skeletal Arrangement by Jian-wen

Glacier Beam by KagomesArrow77

Gnomecha-rilla by radnix

Goblin Dynamite Punch by Scorbutman

Goblin Explosive Bees by ClaudioPilia

Goblin Personal Shark Jaw by breathing2004

Goblin TNT-ducks by licucu

Harvestodon 2.0 by Fox-Demon-Kasumi

Head of gravity department Amy Sharp by Grey-Seagull

Mad Goblin Technician by LieSetiawan

Mr. Coolar by MartinCi

Need A Light? by draken40

Purple smoke by getoart

Snailmaster by Mibramig

Solar Ampli-fryer 4000 by AJNazzaro

Spicy Bommie by Anzka

The Elf Grill by Gollorr

The Velocidestructienne by davidstill

Tinker Priest by layreid

Zapping bird by iwanaga

Gnomeregan Ancient Guardian by SoyUnGnomo