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FastCup Autumn #1
Teams: 7 из 128   /  28 Sep, 16:00
FastCup Autumn #2
Teams: 3 из 128   /  30 Sep, 16:00
LigthMap OverwatchCup
Players: 0 из 10   /  10 Oct, 11:00
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GG Convention: Hearthstone challenge: top decks of 3 days


Good Game 2014 Convention took place in Singapore on 26-28 December, 2014. It featured the ok.DOTA2 Cup with the biggest in Asia eSports prize outside of China and great Hearthstone daily challenges with overall prize pool S$7200.

The main sponsor of this Hearthstone event is Armaggeddon. They provided lots of gear prizes, worth S$6,000! Click-Storm provided S$1200.

Hearthstone challenge #1

1 place. Weelong Tay

"Its good to see many young players. I used to be a professional DOTA 1 player having played against players like hyhy/iceiceice/col.fear(current EG fear). Although my team doesn't play anymore. Its good to relief the excitment of entering a tournament once again :D."


2 place. Hong Foo Shen

Full results and bracket.



Hearthstone challenge #2

2 place. Whitesushi


Full results and bracket.



Hearthstone challenge #3

2 place. Damien Damien Damien


Full results and bracket.