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Quake Champions: how to increase FPS and turn on picmip


To enhance the visibility in the Quake Champions you can make textures more blurred with the help of NVIDIA Inspector tool. Also that will help to improve FPS in Quake Champions!

  • Set up all graphics configuration to lowest and quit the game.
  • Run NVIDIA Inspector.
  • Switch to NVIDIA Profile Inspector*.

  • Choose "Quake Champions" from "Profiles" drop-down list, like in the picture below (under number 1).
  • Under "Antialiasing - Transparency Supersampling" drop-down list choose "0x00000008 AA_MODE_REPLAY_MODE_ALL" item (2).
  • Type "0x00000078" under "Texture filtering - LOD Bias (DX)" and "Texture filtering LOD Bias (OGL)" (3 and 4).
  • Apply changes (5).

*Also you can start nVidia Profile Inspector directly from the folder

Additional information about Nvidia Inspector you can get here.