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Gaara's New GvG Demon Warlock Deck

Artem Uarabei

Since Gobins vs. Gnomes was released, most of deck guides are interested in using Mech cards. Over time, we would inevitably feel fatigued by these decks. So today, we need Gaara’s new demon Warlock deck for a change. Check out the detail in below

To my surprise, the demon deck hasn't Voidwalker. It seems Gaara planned to put the attacking first from the defending first. The combination between Power Overwhelming and Void Terror should be the key of the deck. Ideally, Power Overwhelming is released on Ancient Watcher, and then Void Terror eats it. That will generate a ‘Godzilla’. Furthermore, to protect the ‘Godzilla’ from the Silence, Gaara added Nerubian Egg, Boidcaller, etc to consume the opponent’s Silence cards.

Another combination to consider is Floating Watcher and Lord Iaraxxus. But as the combination’s successful ratio is high, we needn’t to care about when to use them. As for the other points, you can check out Gaara’s tech video in below to know the details.