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The first GvG GosuCup is over. Here's what the finalists played

Artem Uarabei

Goblins vs Gnomes has been out for less than a week but already there are a number of tournaments offering deckbuilding insights from the competitive players. GosuCup SEA is no exception and this is what the top three players from the #7 used.

When it came to surviving the grueling seven rounds of competition, champion Wufflerman from Singapore put his faith in control decks. His handlock barely used any GvG cards except for some *CARD "Dark Bomb" NOT FOUND*s but his priest made good use of the new additions. Couple of *CARD "Shrinkmester" NOT FOUND*s and a singleton Velen's Chosen and Light of the Naaru support the low end of the curve. On the give mana slot we have the class legendary Vol'jin.

Players favoring the style of Anduin should definitely give this deck - or a similar one - a go. Shrinkmeister works wonders in the deck as it enables Shadow Word: Pain and Cabal Shadow Priest to kill or still out of reach minions. Light of the Naaru, on the other hand, can not only heal but be used together with Auchenai Soulpriest as a removal. The free Lightwarden is more than a nice bonus.

Meet Ignis, Morbid and Scutum, i.e. the mage, warlock and warrior decks of runner-up IgnisSolus. The Indonesian player also didn't try to invent new archetypes, but instead focused on improving already existing ones. His "Morbid" zoo deck has received a touch of mech in Annoy-a-Tron, Mechwarper, Piloted Shredder among others, while his "Scutum" control warrior makes use of Shieldmaiden for extra life gain.

Arguably the most interesting deck out of his three is the "Ignis" mage deck. While most players currently are going for Kibler's mech mage, IgnisSolus brings his iteration of secrets mage, now equipped with double Flamecannon and a single Echo of Medivh.

Secrets mage and control warrior were also in the inventory of third place finisher SUPERPOGI. For the mage, the Filipino also included cards like Ethereal Arcanist for extra synergy, while his warrior deck has some extra removal power in double Explosive Sheep.

Feature-worthy, however, is his Muster for Battle paladin. The class is a subject to lots of post-GvG experimentation and SUPERPOGI is riding this train well, adding Quartermasters, Shielded Minibots and three Piloted cards to create his own iteration of a mid-range Uther.