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Defense of the legends - hybrid Dota 2 and LoL

Artem Uarabei

These are the gridnavs pulled from League of Legends, hopefully, this means that I can get the wall collisions the same. Dota’s resolution for gridnavs are literally 4x bigger tho… so that might be a problem. Right now, I’m getting the collisions to work nicely/acceptably, then I might start working on importing all the props properly.


So the spawn pads in Summoner’s Rift are around where the ancients are in Dota. Not quite small as people make it out to be but still smaller.

A common question that I see a lot is that Dota seems a lot more zoomed in. And as I’ve been told time and time again by a friend of mine that if dota has longer ranges and faster travel, then the game, in terms of gameplay, is essentially is zoomed further in.

However, when sitting in summoner’s rift, one does feel more zoomed in, even though from the screenshots, one can see that I’ve made the map nearly identical in terms of size on the screen. Rubick also seems about the same size as Viktor if not smaller.

I’m going to leave this part hanging for you guys to argue over.

Also when I have the time today, I’m going to chuck Summoner’s Rift on top of Dota’s map so that people can see how big it actually is instead of guessing… the answer is not that much smaller btw.

Created a new map to start work on bushes. I should really make an infographic as to why it’s so difficult to make them.

In this you can also see that fog has higher resolution in LoL. They seem to be programmed the same way though.

So this is the map using the exported model as a single prop. Characters stand on an invisible mesh molded to the ground. It’s looking very pretty…