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Na`Vi have lost a squad

Artem Uarabei

All good things are over one day. As of now, on the eve of a new calendar year, our American division is over. Natus Vincere has made this unusual acquisition before The International 4, giving rise to much talk. Some said that the organization doesn't believe in its main squad, some suggested it was an attempt to increase chances to win TI, while some made mems with the brackets of the main tournaments at which all the member teams were playing at the tag of Na`Vi.


It was a trully unique experience especially for the organization from the CIS region. We'd say not only was it unique but it also was a successful experience, notwithstanding the disband. Today we say goodbye to a squad. However we do not say goodbye to the Na`Vi.US project on the whole. The team is disbanded due to the inner conflicts between the players. Poor results during the long period of time always negatively influence the relations in the team. As you might've noticed, Na`Vi.US have lately been playing with stand-ins mostly, and have withdrawn from participation in the tournaments and leagues they claimed to participate in. It couldn't last forever, and we decided to cut this knot.

Comment by Igor "caff" Sidorenko, COO Natus Vincere:

"The interpersonal relations between the players, which disabled the squad to exist, were the reason of our decision to disband the squad. We couldn't let the squad to go on with constant changes of the players. However, the development of Na`Vi.Us isn't over. In the nearest future we will present a new Dota 2 squad"

As per moment the American division of the Born to Win needs players. We're beginning to search for new players of the squad in December.