Меня зовут Максим, я машина Добавь меня в близзарде - МаксимМА...
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    UTC time: 19, May 16:00
    PUBG, Battle Royal

    Организаторы турнира: mossad497bc

    Судьи турнира: exyboton kiomi Kotsz

    We are glad to present you the first friendly tournament for our foreign teams!

    ATTENTION! Team registration at a tournament must be held by the CAPTAIN team and familiarize themselves with the tournament rules!

    For all questions contact the discord

    All communication during the tournament will be held with the help of DISCORD
    Server address https://discord.gg/fHKSU6Y
    PUBG MOBILE INTERNATIONAL SQUAD CUP is supported by the Click-Storm eSports platform.

    Official broadcast: https://www.youtube.com/c/exyboton

    Connection data will be published 20 minutes before the tournament starts here: ID, PASSWORD