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I am looking for a 3K team; i`ve been in 1 tournament until now; Pos. 4/5; Discord/TS3


I can play as ever position, but my strongest are roam and supporting.
Heroes I can play: Tusk/CM/Shadow Shaman/Io   (I can play high complexity heroes like Morph/Invoker/Io)
My micromanagment isnt that good, but Im working to improve.

Other abilities:
Well if we talk about computer abilites or how I can improve the clan, I know how to work in Photoshop/Pinnacle Studio/C++/lua etc.

What are my goals, I want to have good team who wont rage, play as one, help each other and not blame.
Maybe take part in some tournaments together/ Price we won its not important to me.

I have 2 accounts I put 3500-4500 because my first account is 2800 and my second is 3900.
Here`s photo of mine 3900 mmr account stats (AS SUPPORT!):