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Esports game assessment
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Click-Storm team will carefully study your match and will return game assessment report in two business days.

How it works?

First, please us a link to your match (ID, video) after purchase.

We will send you a special form to fill-in.

After two business days we provide you with a detailed report on your game style.


Who we are to nail it?

We are amongst first in the world who study esports from a sports theory point of you. We are reading lectures in three Universities in Russia: Synergy, Innopolis and SCOLIPE.

We got presence on Research Gate and a bunch of articles published in reviewed journals.


Which games are supported?

DOTA 2, Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Fortnite, PUBG.


How I will benefit?

Assessment is designed to reveal opportunites and vulnurabilities. It is perfectly suited for gamers who quickly want to figure out how to win more often.

Our team spent five years studying esports from a sports theory point of view.