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Find team

i am looking for a good non-toxic team which can communicate by english or Malay.(4.5k MMR)

Danial Saufi

My mmr is 4.5k and i have some experience with being a captain for a few small tournaments. My role is pos 1 or 2 (mid or carry) but i can easily switch to other roles since i adapt quite easily and ive already played all the roles.

---- Top heroes for each role ----
Mid- meepo, invo , tinker , wr , sf
Carry - meepo, ls , am , jug , void
Support(pos 5) - daz,kotl,omni,cm
Roam(pos 4) - rubik, ns , bm , es(spirit and shaker) , lion
Offlane - void,timber,bm,sniper,zeus

Reaction trainer