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Find team

looking for a dota 2 team.

Naman Jaipuria

i am looking for a dota 2 team.i am a mid player but can play safelane or offlane also but i am good in mid can so many hero like one of my best mid hero are tinker,sniper,od,sf,kunkka,i have started playing from 2014,playing from last 4 years,i have played dota 2 +5000 hours,i am already +4k mmr.i like to play with a team in which each and every player like to play as a team and play seriously,i dont like to rage i love to tell them there mistakes after the game.i can play whenever my team is ready to play i dont have any problem i am always be there for my team 24/7.

thank you

warm regards

Naman jaipuria

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