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[EUW] Looking for members to join competitive team.


Hello everyone,

I am Ninjamasteryoda (I am Manly<- ingame name), a member of Damage Incorporated. We are a very active multi gaming community with a lot of people (and I personally have found it a lot of fun so far to be a part of it). If you are looking for a competitive team DI has a good place for you. If you want to join one of our teams, it is required to become a part of DI and be an active member of our competitive team. All of our league of legends teams consist of 5 players, initially without subs, and we try to make sure every competitive player has a team he or she is a part of.

If you want to become a part of our team and grow with us into becoming the best team we can possibly be there are some requirements:

-Willing to become a member of DI.

-Able to practice at minimum for: 6 hours a week, divided over 3 or more days.

-Have teamspeak.

-Be willing to work on yourself and the team as a whole.

Add me in game if you want to apply for one of our competitive teams or just want more information.

If you want to join our casual group of players please take a look at our casual recruitment ad:


We look forward to hearing from you!


Reaction trainer