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Looking for 4.5k+ Team


Hey My Name is Yannic ,

I am 19 and from Germany . I am currently looking for a Team to play some CP Games or Tournaments , or to have fun . I would most likely join a 4k+ Team , while myself is close to 4k .

It may sound like from every other dota 2 player , but my mmr doesnt reflect my skill level , which is more likely above my actual mmw 3.5k~ . I myself can say that i definitely play 4k+ Core Safelane .

Sadly thats my only position i can serve with , bc its the one im practicing the hardest . If u think i am talking crap like many others who say ''eh i play much better than my mmr'' , i would welcome u to try me out :) !

Have a good day and i look forward to be ur new carry !

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