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Looking for some people to play with on EUNE, unranked, leveling up & winning!

Emily ♡


My name is Emily. I am 17, nearly 18 years of age, and I am currently looking for some people to play League of Legends with.

I've been going solo into 5v5 normal drafts, and so far I've had no luck at all! I would like to start practising properly amongst other skilled players, so that I am able to level/rank up to reach level 30. I am level 26 at the moment, and I can usually play at least once a day or two.

I mainly play midlaners, such as Ahri, LeBlanc. However, I would say I'm also best suited to playing support roles, such as Lulu, and ADC, such as Miss Fortune, Tristana, Ashe and Sivir.

I understand that many people would be looking for skilled team members who are already level 30+. However, I feel like this will be quickly attainable if I do find myself some people who are willing to learn, and maybe even rank up alongside me.

Thanks for reading! Drop me a message through the game or on here if you'd like to play!

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