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China esports market is to reach $3,1 billion by 2020

Harry NightMare

China Central Television (CCTV), a famous national television broadcasting company, reported the latest esports market conditions across China and shared the forecasts in the field.

According to the CCTV report, in 2018 the China esport market has gained $1,2 billion and it is expected to reach $3,1 billion by 2020.

CCTV has also pointed out that as for 2018 the number of companies and organizations, in one way or the other involved in esports field, has exceeded 50,000. Esports has already employed over 260,000 people, and by 2020 this number is expected to increase by 500,000.

Set against the growing popularity of esports field, many China colleges started offering esports courses, such as event management, event execution, esports broadcasting and live streaming platforms.

Beside the growth of esports qualifications, the China government also tries to enhance people’s awareness on the field.

On April 3 the China government has officially acknowledged two new professions: esports operator and esportsman.

Source: Esports Insider