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How to win solo vs squads as Octane in Apex Legends


Apex Legends

Player won the match in Apex Legends playing as Octane in a fantastic way: he defeated the last enemy squad by tossing the squad into water.

Octane is a new character in Apex legends. He was introduced at the beginning of the Season 1. He can boost his speed for a short period of time and his ultimate is a jump pad which throws those who step on it into the air. Sometimes his ultimate can become a deathly weapon.

A reddit user posted a replay where he won the match because of unconventional decision he made. Members of the enemy squad were running into the center of the circle to survive and didn’t notice Octane’s jump pad which he placed there beforehand.

As the result they all were sent flying landing accurately into the water. By the way, we recommend you to watch the video!

“I won the game with a jump pad triple kill after both of my teammates quit! Can't believe my last ditch effort panned out!” – said the poster of the video.