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Dota 2 map for micro skill training


Training Polygon is a map from Steam Workshop which can help you to train your micro control skills in Dota 2.

In this map it is possible to recreate game situations which require efficient use of combination of skills and items.

Let’s assume that, for example, you want to train to evade Lion’s ultimate. Start this map, select Death Finger in the list at the bottom and evasion method at the top.

Now we can train with appearing Lion who will cast the selected spell. It is also possible to show animation time for help, select multiple skills or hardcore mode.

Or to train the combination of Eul Scepter and Sun Array as Lina in a similar manner.

The map is in the Beta stage at the moment. However, it already has quite a broad set of modes and variations. Don’t be afraid to toy around with them.

Training Polygon is designed for one player only. We recommend to train for at least 10 minutes before matchmaking to sharpen particular micro-situations requiring the use of spells and items.

Dota 2 is constantly changing. From time to time the updates are changing game’s balance. New strong heroes are appearing on whom it's easier to improve MMR than on the others. To start playing them with efficiency it’s recommended to first try them out at the Training Polygon.

Source: Steam