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DrDisRespect "Fortnite is for fony kids that don't know anything about video games"


Famous streamer Guy “DrDisRespect” Beahm uninstalled Fortnite during his live stream on march 21 saying that this game is for kids that know nothing about video games.

I can’t do this game anymore. Definitely don’t wanna play it. I have to uninstall this game. Never play this game ever again. This game is just not fun. It’s super boring to play. It’s for little fony kids that don’t know anything about video games.

DrDisRespect became popular streaming PUBG. Eventually he harshly criticized Brendan Greene’s game and uninstalled it from his PC switching to Fortnite.

Later Beahm criticized Epic Games’ game on multiple occasions, uninstalled it in November 2018 and advised his subscribers to do the same.

Currently DrDisRespect is actively streaming Apex Legend.


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