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UCWeb Xiaoqi turns your phone into a Game Boy


UCWeb, the Chinese company best known for making the most popular third-party mobile browser in the world, launched its first ever hardware product. Xiaoqi turns your smartphone into a Game Boy.

With a button layout similar to an Xbox 360 controller, a phone mount folds out from the center of the gamepad to hold your Android phone or tablet securely in place. It won’t double as a USB controller for your game console or PC. 

The gamepad works exclusively on Android devices connected through either Bluetooth 4.0 or the micro-USB port, which also charges the phone. The device is rechargeable and is equipped with a 2400 mAh battery.

The Xiaoqi gamepad is now on sale for $16 in batches of 2000 via flash sale on its official website.

Source: Tech in Asia