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Sapphire Announces Radeon R9 290X 8GB


Sapphire has announced Radeon R9 290X graphics card with 8 GB GDDR5. Built on a Sapphire original pcb, graphics card features an exclusive Tri-X triple fan cooler.

Tri-X cooler use a central 10 mm heatpipe in addition to four subsidiary heatpipes ensuring even heat distribution throughout the heatsink assembly. The three fans have dust repelling bearings now each with dual ball races. Two 8-pin power connectors ensure adequate system power for maximum performance is available.

Radeon R9 290X Tri-X features the latest GCN architecture from AMD with 2816 stream processing units and an enhanced engine clock of up to 1020Mhz. It is equipped with 8GB of the latest high performance GDDR5 memory on a 512-bit interface and now clocked at 1375 MHz (5.5GHz effective).

Source: TechPowerUp