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Dota 2 Update - November 18th 2015

Artem Uarabei

Tonight have released an update for Dota 2. Valve also released a comic book dedicated to The Last Castle. And released Immortal for Axe thing for the owners of the compendium TI5.

Official Changelog:

  • Fix bug causing matchmaking to balance teams poorly at extremely high MMR
  • Fixed issue where players who disconnected just before hero selection would not be assessed with a failure to connect penalty, resulting in the match continuing with less than 10 players.
  • Fixed an issue were the free camera speed was affected by the replay playback speed.
  • Added the ability to spoiler-protect the Featured tournament tab.

Economy Updates:

Dota TV Tickets

  • ASUS ROG Royal Series.


  • Fixed the inventory icon of the new Lumini Polare loading screen.

Console Updates:


  • dota_tournament_spoilers_blocked <0/1> - To enable and disable spoiler protection on the brackets. New feature mentioned in the changelog above.
  • dota_wait_for_players_failed_delay - How long to stay at the waiting-for-players UI after all players have loaded - DEFAULT: 3

UI Updates:

Tournament Brackets

  • Updated some text strings. For eg: UB has been changed to Upper Bracket and etc to be more descriptive.
  • 'Starting Soon' tag has been added to the Upcoming Games list on the sidebar of the Featured tab.
  • Supporting strings for the new spoiler protection feature added today.


  • A new notification message has been added warning you that the game cannot start because the team id's of the teams in a lobby do not match that of the series info.