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The Summit and MLG Pro League also to exclude Union Gaming

Artem Uarabei

Following their disqualification and temporary ban from Canada Cup, Union Gaming has also been excluded from The Summit 3 qualifiers, as well as the ongoing MLG Pro League Season 1.

Roughly 24 hours after Canada Cup announced the disqualification and temporary ban of Union Gaming, the Peruvians have been excluded from yet two more tournaments.

Yesterday, BeyondTheSummit declared that Team Tinker will take Union Gaming's place in the NA qualifier for The Summit 3 and now joinDota has announced that Union Gaming will also be disqualified from their ongoing MLG Pro League Season 1, thus being relegated to the 2nd divison with a 0-18 score.

"While we cannot prove that the team has done this in a joinDOTA-sponsored league or tournament, we feel this violation of Canada Cup rules speaks against the sportsmanship of the Union Gaming players presently participating in the joinDOTA-MLG Pro League.", states jD's Dennis 'HolyMaster' Schumacher.

In the meantime, Union Gaming issued an apology through their Facebook page, stating that they "apologize to the organizers of the CANADA CUP and all tournament organizers for breaking rules, for our mistakes and for not reading the rules.

It is time to understand that we are an emerging team and we have to be professional and we have to realize that our actions can bring us consequences (good or bad)." 

Having been disqualified from both The Summit as well as the MLG Pro League, Union Gaming is now left out of all major tournaments, setting back the roster in its potential growth.

As for the tournaments, all MLG matches will automatically be default losses for the Peruvians, whereas Team Tinker will take their spot in The Summit 3. This leaves a spot open in the European qualifier, which has been given to Moscow Five.