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Funny Deck Recommend – Annoying Fatigue Warrior Deck

Artem Uarabei

Today, I will share you guys with an annoying Fatigue Warrior deck. The deck’s core is to use Iron Juggernaut’s Battlecry – Shuffle a Mine into your opponent’s deck. When Drawn, it explodes for 10 damage. Through cooperating with 2 Ancient Brewmaster and 2 Youthful Brewmaster, it will deal 50 damage at most in a battle. Now, check out the deck first.

New Experiment

Unlike other Fatigue Warrior deck, the new one added 2 rarely seen cards: Bouncing Blade and Crush. 

In fact, when I played the Control Warrior, I feel Bouncing Blade is not so useless, just because the mainstream Warrior decks are hard to face the situation that we haven’t minions on board and our opponents have a big minion. So, when I removed the minions to the limit, the card will be perfect. Even if I encountered 2 5-mana minions, I can use it with Cleave to eliminate them. And Crush allows us to have one more control method for the late game. But since it is useless in the early game, I just pick one. 

The other difference is the deck takes 2 more Brewmaster.

Control Ability

With 2 Bouncing Blade and Crush, the deck is not afraid of the Control Warrior deck and Demonlock deck. Execute, BGM, Shield Slam, Bouncing Blade and Crush ensure that you can eliminate the big minions in the most of mainstream decks and protect you from losing too many Health.

The order of use:

Shield Slam → Bouncing Blade → Execute → Crush, BHM depends on the situation to use.

The key to win is to clear your opponent’s minions quickly in the early game. Compare with Fatigue Rogue and Druid, the deck is not to let your opponent pick cards, but use the less cards to killer more enemy minions, and then use your few minions to prevent your opponent from using spells. So, you have to use weapons carefully. DO NOT casually use weapons to attack enemy hero.

And Death’s Bite’s Deathbattle also need to use effectively. Cooperating with Cleaver, you can clear the minions under 5-mana easily. If your opponent’s board is out of your control, you can use Brawl to solve.As for the Cruel Taskmaster, you can use it to cooperate with Excute, or kill the minions in the early game. It depends on your judgement.


Antique Healbot, Shield Block and Shieldmaiden ensure you can recover the Health by 36 at least. If they are not enough, you can use Brewmaster to take back the cards to heal your hero again. In a word, you do your best to reach fatigue period.

Coldlight Oracle- the last life-saving straw

This card only has two uses in the deck:

1. Hasten your opponent’s demise. For example, you have shuffle 2 or 3 mines to your opponent, but he hasn’t drawn anyone and will kill you in the next turn. At this time, you just use Coldlight Oracle and pray that he draws mines. In short, don’t give up easily.

2. In the middle and later game, you haven’t cards to clear your opponent’s board. You can use the card to try your luck. Even if you face the Zoo decks or Murloc deck, you needn’t to worry about they draw too many cards. Only ensure that you don’t lose health in vain.



Although the deck is created for fun, it can also defeat the Control Warrior, Demonlock, Mid-speed hunter and other hot decks in the Rank Play. But the biggest disadvantage of the deck is that it is too slow to complete a game.