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Microsoft announces augmented reality glasses HoloLens


Microsoft announces augmented reality glasses HoloLens, which allow you to work with augmented reality. HoloLens isn't an answer to Sony's Project Morpheus: holograms are the next evolution in computing.

At first glance, the device resembles a ski goggles. Transparent lens and advanced sensors allow you to see your world and move confidently in it. Microsoft HoloLens goes beyond augmented reality and virtual reality by enabling you to interact with three-dimensional holograms blended with your real world. 

For example, instead of playing Xbox One games on TV, you play them on my ceiling while lying on your back, with the game projected directly into your vision so only you can see it.

Inside the headset are a huge quantity of sensors, Microsoft says, as well as a brand new Holographic Processing Unit that the company developed itself. That works with Microsoft Holographic, the new VR technology that is integrated into Windows 10.